Robotic Cover Concept – Protective covers for robots and machine tools

Established since 1998, the French company Robotic Cover Concept designs flexible protective elements for robots and industrial machines…

RCC offers various protective covers for your robots and machines. The covers are customizable: they can be adapted to your needs (activity environment, components, dimensions).

RCC : our experience

With a strong experience enhanced by listening and follow-up, RCC responds with flexibility to processes in the medical, food, automotive, nuclear and aeronautical fields as well as in all industrial sectors.

International RCC

RCC exports its French know-how and its solutions worldwide. We are at your disposal for any request to protect your robots and industrial machines.

Our design office at RCC

With an integrated design office, the company develops customized solutions in line with the most recent technological developments. By means of feedback rich in lessons, our engineering office refines the procedures and proposes personalized solutions. We then offer you protection equipment for your various robots and industrial machines, personalized equipment made in France.

Our services by RCC

RCC is renowned for its excellence thanks to a 100% French manufacturing process and is backed by an after-sales service capable of carrying out repairs of any kind. Engineering office refines the procedures and proposes personalized solutions.

A team at your service

Our team intervenes on all types of installations whatever the industrial environment concerned. We also offer various services, such as the control of your robot protections, the washing of these, the installation or the repair of your protection material.

It is essential for your company to protect your robots and machines. This is why RCC has trained its teams: you will be able to meet the hygiene standards and protect your robots in the long term. We accompany you in your projects, this goes far beyond a simple design of protective covers.

Sustainable products

Our protective covers are internationally recognized for their resistance and their ability not to interfere with the robots’ movements. At RCC, everything is designed to protect your robots and industrial machines in a controlled and rigorous manner.

Robotic Cover Concept is a French company that manufactures protective covers for industrial machines. These robot covers allow you to keep your machines in excellent condition for longer. In addition to these covers, RCC also offers bellows, sleeves and teaches to further protect your equipment.

So far, the company has succeeded in establishing itself in France and internationally, thanks to its French know-how. Numerous companies have used the services of RCC, located in different countries, such as England, Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico.

RCC is active in several fields: food, metalworking and welding, nuclear, medical and painting.
Today, robot protections are a priority for your company and Robotic Cover Concept can help you in the creation, the manufacturing but also in the maintenance of the protections.

Our customer references

Relying on the loyalty of its main customers, RCC intends to prolong its success without denying the values of involvement and listening which made its success.

Robotic Cover Concept’s customers call on the company for various projects: protective covers for robots, protective covers for machines, bellows, ducts, etc.

We intervene in all sectors of activity, so contact us!