RCC Benefits

You want to protect your machines or your robots? Robotic Cover Concept offers you its protective covers, bellows and sleeves, customizable and for all fields of activity.

Manufacturer of flexible protections designed for robots and industrial machines, RCC answers with flexibility to your requests in any field.

Our team will accompany you from the design to the follow-up. Robotic Cover Concept also offers you its services: cleaning of your protective covers, repair, etc.

Robot protections

Bellows / Sheaths / Various

Installation / Repair

You want to protect your robots or your industrial machines made in France?

Robotic Cover Concept offers you its protections, adaptable to all fields of activity and customizable.  Whether in the food industry, in the nuclear industry, in the medical industry or in the machining industry, our protections fulfill all their functions.

Robot protections


Robotic Cover Concept adapts to your requests to design your robot protections. Bellows, sheaths, teachs and other various creations, in order to protect your installations and your machines.  They are made by our design office to meet your needs.

Bellows / Sheaths / Various

Robotic Cover Concept offers you quality products but also a complete follow-up. From design to installation or repair, RCC offers you a quality service for all fields of activity. Our teams also proceed to the control and washing of the protections.

Installation / Repair


The robots we protect :

Discover all the brands and robots we equip with our protective covers, bellows and sleeves.


Japanese company, they manufacture industrial robots. Their robots are widely used in the industrial world.


A German company, they also manufacture industrial robots that are distributed worldwide.


A Swedish-Swiss company, they specialise in the creation of industrial motors and robots.


Swiss company, they offer industrial robots and machines.


Yaskawa Motoman also markets many robots and industrial machines.